Welcome to Cherry Creek Nursery

Cherry Creek Nursery was started in February 1987 in Cookeville, TN. The first year we lined out four blocks of white dogwood, kwanzan cherry, bradford pear and burning bush. Since then we have grown from a 2 acre nursery to farming 438 acres and are expanding each year. We are currently growing 162 different selections of trees and shrubs.

Our goal is to grow the best plants in the industry. To grow the best you have to start with the best. Today we feel we have the best sources available. Through our experience we have learned that all plants are unique and require different care. As we watched plants develop over the years, we have learned to set in place practices of root pruning, trimming, spraying and fertilizing to meet each plants unique needs. We are always testing new varieties as they become available to the trade. The plant world is always changing as new and better plants are introduced and we will continue to offer the best plants available.